The Publishing activity of “Sava Dobroplodni” Regional Library started in the first years of its establishment. Abreast of its main activities as it carried out like the greatest cultural and educational institute in Sliven region, it disseminates information by the issues, it published – bibliographical references, directories and different types of collections. These issues today are more than 250.

The first recommendatory bibliographical issues were published in 1959. They were in the field of literature, arts and agriculture. They were published, because of readers’ interest. Publishing of bibliographical references about the Sliven region started in 1963 and this activity aimed to popularize the literature about the region. Very interesting are the following issues: Of the great Sliven painters Dimitar Dobrovich, Jordan Kjuvliev, Sirak Skitnik”, “Of the young inspired poet Damyan Damyanov”, “Sliven in fiction”. Although consisting of not many pagesjust 10-15 pages, they are valuable for readers and specialists, because they place at readers’ disposal survey of certain bibliographical topics.

Bibliographical activity started very seriously by the foundation ofReference-bibliographical and information section. New topics in public sciences, education and culture require a profound analysis, collecting and surveying activities, articles processing – find and select them in different books, periodicals and collections. Historical facts and events need to be documented and systematized in bibliographical directories.  The epoch of Renaissance is an interesting topic for surveys of the region. In that time in Sliven worked many enlighteners, teachers, writers and revolutionists. The most famous names have been sought in that epoch. That is how the idea of series of bio-bibliographies Famous enlighteners of Sliven regionwas born and these series enrich today. Other issues of the same series are: “Sofronii Vrachanski”, “Neofit Hilendarski Bozveli”, “Dr Ivan Seliminski”, “Dr Petar Beron”, “Georgi S. Rakovski”, “Zahari Stoyanov”, “Sava Dobroplodni”, “Dobri Chintulov”, “Panayot         Hitov and Hadji Dimitar. Library specialists still collect and publish articles about the most famous citizens of Sliven from the epoch of the Renaissance from the local press.

Many classic writers for children were born in Sliven. Many eminent Bulgarians started their work in the field of arts, science, economics etc. from Sliven. Librarians selected and published bibliographies of the writers Jordan Jovkov, Konstantin Konstantinov, Petar Dimitrov-Rudar, of the poets Georgi Djagarov, Nikola Furnadjiev, Elisaveta Bagriana, Dimitar Gundov and Evgenia Genova, of the painters Dimitar Dobrovich, Sirak Skitnik etc., following the tradition to popularize Sliven citizens with lifelong achievement in different fields of culture, public and economic life. Very interesting are the issues, dedicated to eminent public figures as Dobri Jheliazkovthe Manufacturer, Sava Filaretov, the famous historiographer, politic and diplomat, Dr Simeon Tabakov, Georgi Arnaudov - lawyer,editor and publisher ofIztok newspaper, ex-mayor of Sliven and a district constable; Nikola Shishedjievauthor of the unforgettable pictures of the not too distant past of Sliven”. These bibliographies are in acknowledgement of these eminent persons.

The issuesSliven bishops is the only one in Bulgaria. It consists of many articles, written from Sliven bishops and about Sliven bishops Serafim, Gevrasii, Ilarion, Evlogii, Nikodim and Joanikii. There are biographies of the bishops, showing their self-sacrifice and fight for independent Bulgarian church, their care for the wealth of the eparchy.         Other subject indexes are dedicated to the history and development of the textile industry of Sliven, to education, to public health services, to culture life in the town, to the activities of the culture institutes etc., published apropos of anniversaries are highly appreciated by research workers.

Most of library’s issues concern major cultural events, organized in Sliven. One of these events isSliven fires”. This even has been of the most significant in the cultural life of the region and the country for more than 30 years. The library made and published bibliographies of literature and arts workers- winners of the “Dobri Chintulov” prize, dedicated to the even each year.

The purposeful work of the librarians with children distinguishes library from other libraries in the country. More than 30 collections and bibliographies, supporting this activity have been published in the last 20 years.

The library publishes many handbooks, helping the cultural-educational activities of different types of libraries as it is the main methodical library centre in the region

The publishing activity of “Sava Dobroplodni” regional library has changed totally in the last 10-15 years. Besides of bibliographical issues, the library publishes also collections of reports of science conferences, which it organized or co-organized like Sliven public health servicespast, present and future”, „Konstantin Konstantinov - 110 years of his birth”, „Sava Dobroplodni – 175 years of his birth”, „ Sava Dobroplodni – 185 years of his birthetc.

Since 1999 the library has been the organizer and initiator of the unique Bulgarian Childrens Book Festival, supported by the Ministry of culture, National book centre at the Ministry of culture, Sliven municipality and Sliven district administration, etc. Round table on the problems of book publishing for children has been organized each year abreast of the many other events, as the reports from that conference have been published in collections.  Collections of best works, winners in the literature competitions, carried out each year during the days of the Festival. The folklore collectionCut, cut moonwas published with the co-operation of the library. Advertising publications about the Festival are publish each year.

Publications, new and different from the traditional ones, come as a result of the “Sava Dobroplodni” regional library’s work on various projects and programs. Such issue is the handbook “Europe – our home” /plus CD/, which was published in the current year.  It is a part of a project “European Union through Children’s Eyes”, realized by the Ministry of culture – Department “Regional cultural politics” and “Sava Dobroplodni” regional library. Concomitant issue of this project is the collection of works, winners in the literature competition and the competition for paintings project “European Union through Children’s Eyes”.

Following the development of the librarys publishing activity in the years we have to pay attention that most of the issues, especially in the last 15 years, have been published by the help of adherents and sponsors

Almost all of the publications have been edited by the directors of the library Kalina Koseva, Petar Dobrev, Ivan Bakalov, Rositsa Petrova-Vasileva. Consultants of the issues were specialists in different fields of science and arts – historians, literature workers, physicians, specialists from the big libraries and universities in Bulgaria. Famous painters did the get-ups of the books. All this guarantees the high quality and value of the publications.

The publication activity of “Sava Dobroplodni” regional library will go on developing, because of the great interest of readers to its publications, although the fast development of the new informational technologies.

More Significant Books of “Sava Dobroplodni” Regional Library


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