“Sava Dobroplodni” Regional Library presented Margarit Abadjiev’s book


The book “Hurray for the heroes” of the writer Maragarit Abadjiev, who was born in Sliven, was presented on January 26, 2007 on the first for the year Friday literary readings in “Sava Dobroplodni’ Regional Library. The event was attended by the poetess Petya Alexandrova.

The book “Hurray for the heroes” consists of 16 stories, which “throw” readers from dark, nightmare moods of the main characters to funny denouements. The stories give intellectual and emotional pleasure to readers with their various subjects, characters and faiths, some of them are abrupt portraits of our time. According to literary critics, the style of writing of Margarit Abadjiev is; he does not describe nice pictures, but real ones. Petya Alexandrova shared her own point of view to the author’s style and his stories, she focused on the author’s merits and the weak points /according to her opinion/ of the stories, which lead to a spontaneous discussion between critics, author and audience, which consisted of writer’s friends, ex class-mates, journalists and other writers from Sliven.

Margarit Abadjiev was born on May 13 1965. His friends call him Goto, people from Bulgarian underground know him as the author of the documentary film “Loneliness”/BNT, 1993/, and he is famous to readers with his novel “The Phoenix”/1998/ , the short novel “The Love of the Painter”/1998/ and the collection of stories “The Guests” /1999/. “Hurray for the heroes” was published last year by “Siela” publishing house.