Library funds


The structure scheme of the funds system of “Sava Dobroplodni” Regional Library – Sliven includes:

Basic funds:

Ø basic book-stock (format);

Ø basic periodicals fund;

Ø Bulgarian early printed book fund.

Basic library’s fund numbers more than 95 000 issues.

Available book-stock:

Ø available book-stock for getting out books at home;

Ø available book-stock of the “Public-political literature” and “Theory of literature” reading-room;

Ø available book-stock of the “Natural Science” department reading-room;

Ø available book-stock of the “Art” department reading-room;

Ø available book-stock of the reference and bibliographical literature;

Ø available book-stock of the “Centre for foreign languages”

Ø  available book-stock of the children department

Ø  book collection, concerning the history of the region.

Available book-stock includes more than 180 000 issues.

Special funds:

Ø  graphic issues fund;

Ø  musical publications fund;

Ø gramophone records fund;

Ø  audio-visual records fund (audio- and video- cassettes);

Ø CDs fund;

Ø DVDs fund;

Ø cartographic issues fund.

Special fund numbers more than 35 000 issues.


The library possesses the private book collections of the writers Konstantin Konstantinov, Petar Dimitrov – Rudar, Nadya Nedelina and Atanas Slavov.

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