Functions, aims and tasks of the Library


The basic functions, which Sava Dobroplodni Regional Library - Sliven carries out are: socio-cultural, informative and educational.

 The main aim of Sava Dobroplodni Regional Library is to collect, organize and place at readers’ disposal library-informative funds.

 For realizing its aims the Library implements the following tasks:

Ø  Assisting The Ministry of Culture in implementing state politics in the field of library-informative services in Sliven district;

Ø Carrying out a quality library-informative services and interlibrary books exchange;

Ø  Creating habits for reading in children by the help of various activities;

Ø Stimulating the imagination and desire for creating in children through making them take part into various culture events;

Ø Developing and multiplying the events, included in the program of the Children’s Book National Festival;

Ø Helping self-education and formal education at all levels through programs, initiated by the Library;

Ø Heightening informative and computer education of library users through training courses and consultations;

Ø Implementing programs and projects, concerning minorities’ integration and civil participation;

Ø Providing free Internet access for library users;

Ø Developing the processes of automatization of library activity, coordinating the establishment of regional automatic library net;

Ø Coordinating activity of collecting, preserving and placing at readers’ disposal the archives of local press;

Ø Developing local bibliography and publishing activity;

Ø Providing access for all citizens to all information about the town of Sliven and Sliven region;

Ø Providing coordinating, quality expert-consulting activity for all libraries in Sliven and district regardless of their department belonging;

Ø Collecting, processing and placing at local and state authorities disposal an information about the libraries in the region and matching concrete measures for improving their activity;

Ø Contacting and working in cooperation with similar organizations home and abroad.