Modern library is not only a store for documents, but it is also and informative centre, which have to satisfy the needs of its users not only with its funds of books.

A change in the library system is needed on a new technological basis, in order to overcome the contradiction between the increasing needs of information of users and the impossibility of traditional library-informative sources to satisfy them. By the reason of this Sava Dobroplodni Regional Library- Sliven has started implementing a project for automation of the basic library-bibliographical processes since 1993. Up to now are totally automated the modules:

Ř     management of readers registration;

Ř     mangement of supplying;

Ř     management of interlibrary books exchange;

Ř     control of periodicals;

Ř     publishing activity;

Ř          an electronic catalogue;

Ř          an electronic catalogue of non-traditional bearers of information;

Ř     files of regional studies.

Data of the electronic catalogue of books, of the electronic catalogue of non-traditional bearers of information and of the regional studies files are supplied with information retrospectively at present.

The library has excellent technical equipment – modern computers and printers and it supplies new equipment each year by developing projects of the Ministry of culture and by the help of its incomes.

There is an Internet access in the Library since 1997. An electronic reading-room operates since 1999 – there are six personal computers for accessing Internet and using CD ROM data and CD encyclopedias. Since 2010 in the library’s extension building there was established and Internet centre with 10 personal computers for Internet access. References are made up from the law-informative system Siela 5.0. in the library’s reading-rooms. There are computers for accessing the library’s electronic data by the users in all library’s departments.